What are all those buttons for?

Ever wonder with all those knobs, buttons, and fingers are in music studios?
Philip from VisionQuest Sound visits one of his favorite studios in Los Angeles: Studio City Sound. Today, we’re in the pilot’s seat with Grammy award winning engineer, Tom Weir takes us through a mini tour inside Studio C.
Studio C features an SSL 4048 E/G+ with Ultimation as well as Auspurger Duo 15 with 18 in. subs and Briston amps. The board was formerly owned by Producer J. Joyce. Studio City founder, Tom Weir, engineer Tyler Page, and Dr. Dave traveled all the way to Nashville, TN for this classic beauty. Additional upgrades include acoustics by Westlake Pro.
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Video by the VisionQuest Sound Team Host and show producer: Philip Garcia Camera: Max Tsarev

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