What connects music and fashion?

What’s the the connection between music and fashion? Our team did everything that we could to find out at the NAMM Show. Witness our encounters from straight up boring, to crazy cool!
Featuring: Radmila, JT Loux, Reily Olsen, and Madi Gold of Tonic Zephyr, Grace Anne, Kenny Metcalf as Elton John, Mercedes, Salvo, Joanna from A Light Divided, Nick Bell, Dave Mills, (Derek Unger, Devon Unger, and Alex Black of Sin Circus) Bat Hanna, Trenton Urick, Shoko Asao, Miki Wong, Chinatsu, Mr. Funkateer, (Genevieve Oldsberg and Maria Alexa as the Dean Guitar Girls) Mandy Zhang of Dong Xing, Sena, Chris Loomis, Jesse Christenson, Jake Christenson, Mojo El Diablo, Preda Poo, Michelle Do, Jacob Rogers, Conga Kurty, Alexandra Giambastiani, Rachel with Mariachi Divas, Gottfried Schmid (Faber, Tokai), Linda Hedlund VisionQuest Sound Channel: Producer: Philip Garcia Our featured hosts: Christina Sofina, Mike Garcia, Salvo, Miki Wong. Sound and Video: Philip Garcia/ Michael Garcia MultiMedia: Brandon Miller
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Music by: Shuhei Mastumoto Masha Alexis Tonic Zefer Wishlyst Neybuu
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