ASCAP’s Expo Experience

Los Angeles, California
“Boredom is the best friend of creativity.” – Questlove.
Our VisionQuest host, Vealy gives us the inside scoop on one of the world’s biggest songwriting events of the year: “I Create Music” ASCAP Expo 2019
Day 1 started with a bang! We were blessed to have a performance by MILCK and Portugal. The Man, as well as an inspiring welcome speech by the ASCAP executive, Paul Williams.
The number of creatives per square foot at ASCAP was unreal.  Musicians, singers songwriters, producers, and artists were all here. Throughout the 3 days, we met amazing people and friends, and future collaborators.
Of all the panels and events my favorite was by far the Shure Open Mic. It was awesome to have the opportunity to show what we’ve got to such a supportive, passionate and like-minded community.  They Shure made us sound fantastic!
We are so excited we made the effort to attend the ASCAP expo this year. Th 2020 ASCAP Experience is going to be 10x marvelous.

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Article by: Vealy

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