Vealy: “My new life as a musician in LA!”

Let’s hop in our studio to see what’s inside the mind of Vealy— a Philippine born singer-songwriter living in LA.

Vealy is a new face in the LA music scene. She recently quit her job as an ER nurse in Chicago to pursue music and songwriting.

She moved to the US 6 years ago when she was 17, however she didn’t go straight to pursuing music full time. She had to figure out a way of supporting herself and her family, so she went to nursing school and worked as an ER nurse for an entire year— but now she’s here, running after her dream and busking in the streets of LA. Busking is her way of giving back to the community through smiles and entertainment. People love to sing and enjoy live, outdoor music.

Vealy, like other artists, want to take full control of how her music sounds, so she enrolled herself to a music production class.. Last week, she showed her most recent work, “Oh Strangeland” to the class for critique… this is what she got “your music does not belong anywhere.” She was taken aback when she first heard this, but she realized that that was the greatest compliment she had ever received. Making art and being creative means pushing boundaries and taking risks— “I’m on my way to creating more music and art that is completely Vealy.” – Vealy

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