Top 10 Busking Tips for Musicians

Article by: Philip Garcia
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Where’s the best place to perform and what should you expect?

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Katie Ferrara visits our VQS Studio and shares her 10 tips for busking success. Yep, we filmed it!

If it’s your first time or you’ve been doing it for a while, there’s always room for improving your game on the streets.

Where’s the best place to street perform in Los Angeles?
What do I need to bring to busk?
What’s the best personal PA to use?
How to connect with the audience?
Why is busking important for the world?
What are the rewards for busking?
What container should I use for my  tips/collection?
How does the location influence your sound?
How can I grow my audience and fanbase with busking?
What are the best social media platforms to use?

Song “No Bad Days” by Katie Ferrara.

Special Thanks: Max TsarevBrandon Miller, Vealy and Bossart-Films, Voyage Air Guitars, Mackie Freeplay, Bose S1, Roland BA-330

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