How many genres can you sing?

What happens when we put EDM vocalist Lauren Salvo through a genre challenge? Anything goes. Salvo visits our VisionQuest Sound studio and the fun begins.
The spin wheel is loaded with all of our favorite characters:
Trump, Eminem, Chewbacca, Britney Spears, The Little Mermaid, Aaron Neville, Elvis, Michael Jackson, SIA, and more.

Plus bonus: “name the tune” game featuring songs from the 80’s, 90,s all the way up to today.

Let’s see if you can beat Salvo!

Featured song: “Drift Away” – Le Boeuf Ft. Salvo

Article by Philip Garcia of VisionQuest Sound. Philip is a music producer and content creator based in Los Angeles. His credits included NBC, MTV, Warner Bros, and more.

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Special thanks to Max Tsarev, Brandon Miller, Vealy and manufacturers: Zoom, Mackie, Yamaha

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