10 Tips to better collaborations

Article by Philip Garcia
What’s the best way to collaborate? Online, in person? Who does what? How do we keep the group focused and motivated to get the best results?

Here are our top 10 tips for musicians and artists who are collaborating.
by Philip & Vika

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0:20 Why do we collaborate?
0:40 Planning: Define your vision. What will everyone do?
0:54 What do you bring when you collaborate?
1:21 How long should we collaborate for? 2 hours? 4 hours?
1:35 Team work: Who does what when collaborating?
2:06 What happens when you have a control freak? How to play fair.
2:37 How to have fun?
2:57 Philip’s wheel of fun. Vika’s coffee
3:17 Commitment: How to walk away politely
4:09 Vika’s top 2 collaboration tips: Honesty , and smiling

Special thanks to Max Tsarev, Sean Murphy, Pedro Asfora, Koryna Ray, Lee Lontoc, Ara Koygani, and Musicians Institute.

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