When most people hear the number “808”, two things come to mind.

1: Area code for Hawaii or

2. The sound of Roland’s legendary drum machine: TR-808 Rhythm Performer (released in 1980)

We got lucky at VisionQuest Sound! On August 8th, (the official 808 Day) The artist, Sheldon Botler stopped by for an impromptu performance on Roland’s new version of the 808 machine called the TR8-S Rhythm Performer.

Article by Philip Garcia. Philip is an LA based music producer and content creator that produces and promotes artists and brands. He is founder of the VisionQuest Sound studio, a recording studio in Los Angeles.

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Special thanks to cinematographer Diego Madrigal. Videographer: Max Tsarev

Ara Koygani and Kambiz Merabi of the Friar Professional Building.

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