LOS ANGELES, CA- At VisionQuest Sound, we love to learn about each artist’s story.  This time we have Chicago based singer-songwriter, Elysia Marie in our studio.

“Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story – those he redeemed from the hand of the enemy.” -Psalm 107:2

What do you do when your whole world comes crashing down? Who do you lean on? Where do you go? Chicago based singer-songwriter, Elysia visits our studio to share her struggles through the beloved art of words and music with her new song entitled, “When it all Falls Down.”

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“When it All Falls Down” written by Elysia Marie and Nikki Forova. Produced by Nikki Forova.
Multimedia: Max Tsarev and Brandon Z. Miller

Filmed at our VisionQuest Sound studio. VisionQuest Sound features singer-songwriters and artists who love to perform and share their story. VisionQuest Sound Studio is a boutique recording studio in Los Angeles founded by music producer and content creator, Philip Garcia. We specialize in helping singers and songwriters to share their songs and stories to the world. “When it All Falls Down” Lyric Video

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