He’s Got 88 Keys To Your Heart

Steve Solomon brought an invisible bag of magic tricks to our recording studio for his session.  As Steve performed “Hey Jude” by The Beatles, it almost felt like every 8 bars he would unleash a new trick from the bag.  He came in swingin’ hard like we had time traveled into the ragtime days!  At one point, I pinched myself as if someone had installed the invisible man playback feature on our piano.  It was a party to blog and vlog about. Yep, we filmed it!
Chicago born and classically trained, Steve Solomon is now officially an LA based singer-songwriter and international traveling pianist. Ok, I can’t hold back anymore, he’s definitely world class.  I could list his credits but, it would be about a 20 page blog.  Steve and I have been friends for several years and it’s always a blessing to work with him on projects.  When he’s not saving the world one note at a time, Steve usually finds himself writing his own songs in the indie • lush • pop genres.
Filmed at our VisionQuest Sound studio. VisionQuest Sound is an LA based media company and boutique recording studio that helps artists and brands share their stories and music to the world.
Article by Philip Garcia
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