LOS ANGELES, CA- At VisionQuest Sound, we love to record new music and learn about each artist’s story.  This time we have LA based indie pop singer-songwriter, Madeline Rosene (pronounced ro-SCENE) recording acoustic versions of her new songs, “Late” and “Numb.”
“The point of music, I believe, is to evoke emotional reactions. Music is a deeply personal experience as well as a social experience (when sharing music you love with people you care about). I believe I am making an album that is highly shareable, original, and fun.” – Madeline  
Watch our “live” studio videos with Madeline: “Late” and “Numb“, Madeline’s story
Madeline’s new album, dropping early 2020 will explore her adventures living in Los Angeles, dealing with inauthenticity, the music industry, and different kinds of relationships. The album, titled “Raised on Porn” is about “fighting through the fakeness” and searching for truth.  It’s about being exposed to overtly sexual themes early on in life, being a millennial, anxiety, and the ridiculousness of the pursuit of fame.
Madeline’s hope is that her songs will help listeners cope with shame, compulsions, and depression, and encourage having a sense of humor about the sometimes rather dark world we inhabit.  She feels passionately about creating dialogues about, what can be, uncomfortable topics and approaching them with humor. Madeline has performed at notable venues such as Arlene’s Grocery and Rockwood Stage in New York City and Hotel Cafe, Los Globos, and The Viper Room in Los Angeles.  Madeline has a very active social media presence with over 50K+ followers on Instagram.
Filmed at our VisionQuest Sound studio.  VisionQuest Sound features singer-songwriters and artists who love to perform and share their story.  VisionQuest Sound Studio is a boutique recording studio in Los Angeles founded by producer and content creator, Philip Garcia. We specialize in helping singers and songwriters to share their songs and stories to the world.  Philip has been producing music for artists and TV/Film for the past 16 years.  His credits include NBC, MTV, Miramax, the NAMM Show, and more.
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Thanks to Aaron Ferugson, Samuel Ferguson, and Justin Lund, Ben Shani, and Max Tsarev.
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Madeline Rosene's interview at VisionQuest Sound
Photo credit Jynelle Sumera

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