The songs started pouring out!

In the dog days of winter, LA based singer-songwriter, Jordan Pratt jotted down “the tree roots curve like her dress in the water…” Jordan’s casual stroll in the park inspired a new beginning, and a heartfelt song, “Come Back To Me Love.”

“When “Come Back To Me Love” fell from the sky, my path became clear and more songs started pouring out. Songwriting became a much larger focus.” – Jordan

Jordan Pratt visited the VisionQuest Sound studio and shared his journey of musical growth, and being a songwriter. With a degree in classical voice, numerous musical theater productions and choir performances under his belt, Jordan has also written over 30 songs in the last year.

Watch Jordan’s live performances at the VisionQuest Sound Studio here: Come Back to me Love, Jordan’s Interview, The Holly and the Ivy, Across the Universe.

He recently completed his EP at Izotope Studios in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Jordan teamed up with producer Mitch Davis at Soularium Sound Studios in Utah to create this record, including the song “Come Back To Me Love”, an intimate, wistful folk song featuring soaring falsetto vocals and a lush string arrangement. The song is a tasteful mix of singer-songwriter influences including Bon Iver, Ben Platt, and Rufus Wainwright.

“Come Back To Me Love” is the second single off of Jordan Pratt’s upcoming EP. The single will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp on December 20th. The EP will be released in February, 2020. You can Pre-Save “Come Back To Me Love” on Spotify. In the meantime, check out Jordan here on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Apple Music, and his website. Main cover photo by Ren D’Anelli

VisionQuest Sound is a LA based media company and boutique recording studio that helps artists and brands share their music and stories to the world.

Jordan interviews with Philip Garcia

Jordan Pratt @ VisionQuest Sound

Jordan records new music at VisionQuest Sound

New Single

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