Bring on the pain

They’ll say you’re crazy. They’ll say it can’t be done. What are you gonna do about it? Bring it on. Dream BIGGER than ever.

LA based singer-songwriter, Vealy traveled thousands of miles from the Philippines to LA for a dream that won’t be broken.

“I learned nothing worth it comes easy, and this pain will turn to beauty.  Balancing my day job and inner artistry used to be a battle. Then, there was a great awakening. It hit me like a lightning bolt.” – Vealy

She rushed home from work into the living room and jumped into the piano seat still wearing blue scrubs and a backpack. The musical floodgates opened and “Mama’s Song” was born. “I finished the verses with my partner, Noah. The next few weeks we recorded the song with Phil at VisionQuest Sound. I invited my close friends to be featured on my new single – Katie Ferrara: guitars/vocals, and backup vocals with Miky Tayoba, and Vaughn Celdran. This song helped me gain perspective on my struggles of being an artist. Why do I always go through obstacles and challenges? Is it just me? Well, it’s all of us. I dedicate this song to everyone who has a dream, to never give up. Your pain and struggles will transform into something beautiful. It will all be worth it.” – Vealy

Mama’s Song” is Vealy’s new single for 2020 and available on Spotify and Apple Music. In the meantime, check out Vealy here on Instagram.

Watch Vealy’s live performances at the VisionQuest Sound Studio here: Man on the Run, Can’t Help Falling in Love, Mele Kalikimaka, Oh Strangeland, Vealy’s Interview

For 2020, Vealy wants to give more music to her listeners— music that matters, music that helps people that are going through obstacles in their life. “I want to practice the habit of giving back, to give more than I receive.” – Vealy

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