The NAMM Show brings diversity

“Our favorite thing about the NAMM Show: the diversity.” – Phil G, VisionQuest Sound

The NAMM Show took place last week Jan 16-19.  Our VisionQuest Sound team was there to provide live coverage and showcase the inspiring stories behind the artists and brands that attended. We connected, we captured, and we created wonderful relationships with as many creatives as possible.
Today marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year.  Many familiar instruments that we often hear in movies originated in China. We met up with world class musicians, Yudan Xie and Xien Jie from Shanghai No.1 National Music Instruments Factory at the show. They performed the beautiful, traditional Chinese folk song entitled, “Jasmine” featuring  (二胡) erhu (Chinese violin) and the pipa (pear shaped lute). These two instruments are one of the most challenging in the world to master.  And yep, we filmed it.

image credit: Max Tsarev

Learn more about the pipa and the erhu
Shanghai No 1 Musical Instruments Factory
Article by Philip Garica

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