5 Power Tips To Promote Your New Release

Article by Emily Daccarett

Congratulations for getting this far with your music. Yay! After all the hard work you are ready to release your music. But before sending it out into the world lets talk about:

5 Ways To Better Promote Your Music

  1. Visuals

    There are hundreds of thousands of people trying to break into the entertainment industry every single day. So how can we stop a potential fan from scrolling over our content and missing out on discovering our latest hit? Visuals! Strong visuals help attract attention to your work and give it credibility. Creating visuals that showcase who we are and what we are trying to say with our music gives people the incentive to check us out. Go out and start creating. Even if you are not photoshop savvy or know how to edit on premiere pro, there are so many user-friendly apps that can help create an interesting picture or video.
  2. Artist Board/Mood Board
    Ok so let’s start planning our visuals. Creating a mood board helps you focus on what you want to highlight in your visuals. Just start collecting pictures that you like, it can be inspiration pictures, magazine cut outs, different fonts, colors, textures, etc. Anything that captures your eye. Once it is filled, look for patterns within your mood board. Maybe you’ll see that a certain color dominates the board; use this to extract what you like and begin to apply these ideas into fonts, colors, borders, filters, and/or shapes. Having a focused artistic direction will help you in creating a consistent and strong image.
  3. Consistency in Social Media
    We have our visuals, let’s begin to hint at what’s to come by adding our visuals on all platforms. Social media is free advertising. Use it as your billboard! Create a consistent look on all platforms by having the same profile image and headers. Keep in mind that different platforms require specific image measurements, don’t let that discourage you, there are apps that resize your pictures to fit whatever platform you are wanting to use. Being consistent will help people find and know what to look forward to.
  4. Hype Up Your Release
    Everyday there is a new song or album being released into the world. Make sure your followers know that you are getting ready to drop new music. Use your unique visuals to remind people that something new is coming. It can be something as simple as your logo and a caption detailing a new song is in the works. Start hyping it up a few weeks before the release date. Show behind-the-scenes clips on your stories, tease your audience and remind them to save the date for your release.
  5. Easy Access

    Make sure your audience knows where to find your music and make it easy for them. It helps to have links only one click away. Most people will give up, if they have to jump through hoops to find your song. There are third party websites and apps that can keep all your links (spotify, soundcloud, apple music) on one-page. You can also create a website (squarespace,wix, etc) that can include the links, have the music available to download, and cool information about you and your music.
    How will you utilize these tools to promote your music now? I’d love to hear from you.
Article by Emily Daccarett
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