Beard Guitars Unveils New Acoustic Line

– Los Angeles

The NAMM Show brought incredible new releases for artists and brands.  Our VisionQuest Sound team was there capturing the energy and spirit of the show.

We were privileged to talk to Denny Mickley of Beard Guitars based in Hagerstown, MD. Known for their exceptional tone and producing some of the world’s best sounding resonator guitars, Beard Guitars unveiled a complete new lineup for 2020: the Deco Phonic Acoustics. This new breed of vintage inspired acoustic guitars has 3 models: Southside, Highball, and Sidecar.  You gotta love this – each guitar is named after a drink from the depression era!  Ok, now the Southside offers a rich, balanced sound for a do-it-all guitar role. The Highball is a perfect match for the singer-songwriter. And finally, the Sidecar (flagship) is excellent for finger style and blues. They are now shipping on their site.

Now how does each guitar sound? Well, you really have to have one in your hands to fully experience the magic. We got as close as we could to them. And yep, we filmed it!

image credit: Max Tsarev
Learn more about Beard Guitars.
Article by Philip Garica

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