Let’s Create Change for Women

Article by Flaviyake
It is common to think that it is the men that make it harder for women to succeed, while in reality it is rather the women that make it harder for other women, if you look at it from a different angle. We can split women that want to succeed in their career in two types: women that work hard and constantly learn and women that believe it is enough to look pretty and guys will do all the hard work. For as long as we have the second type of women, it will always be hard for the hardworking women to prove themselves to succeed. I am not against looking pretty, and I want to look beautiful myself, but when the physical attraction comes to replace the lack of skills, we, women, create an image of the less-skilled human beings that cannot be taken seriously. In order for the system to change, we all have to change. Each of us has to be willing to work and learn and be great at what we do. From my experience, a lot of men, mostly young men, in fact are very supportive and even ask for professional advice when they meet a skillful woman.
For today, here’s our:

5 Tips for Women in Music

    1. Forward Motion
      Continue learning and getting better at what we do, as each of us puts an effort into the entire image of a working woman.
    2. Believe
      Do not listen to people who tell us that we cannot do something because of our gender, just find a way to learn and do it.
    3. Team
      Be supportive to the women that do that “man’s job”, as even women lots of times do not trust women that do a “man’s job”. If you have a friend who is a female producer, give her a chance, do not judge her competence according to the fact that she is a woman.
    4. Deliver Your Best
      As a female producer, do not expect that you will be given a chance just because you think you should be given a chance since we happened to live during this female producers movement. You will be judged by the quality of your work and compete with other female and male producers who are as good as you are and even better. Acknowledge that fact and do your best.
    5. Mindset
      Every time you question your ability to do something, remind yourself that a guy in the same situation with less experience would just be doing it. One of the things I learnt last year was that we become what we allow ourselves to be. So let yourself “be” and do not overthink it.
How will you use these ideas in your artistry?  I’d love to hear from you.
Article by Flaviyake

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