One Small Step Towards What You Love

Article by Nicko Ostby

When you stay up until four in the morning writing music, when you start creating a verse and can’t stop, when you turn on music in the morning and only turn it off when you go to sleep, you absolutely know that you love music! For me, one of my greatest loves is music, hip hop and rap. You can only go all-in, when you know what you love, and have the confidence in it, enough confidence to take action. The first step is finding out what you you love.

1 Small Step to What You Love

Do you know what you love, but find yourself making no progress in it? The trick is to take the first step. When I went into the studio to record my first song, I had a cold, I didn’t sleep that well the night before, I was in a bad mood and I did not want to record in the slightest. But, I prayed and felt that it was the right day intuitively to go into the studio and record. So, I did. I took one step. I went into the studio and recorded my first song, Japan, that I released onto Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud etc. This song, my first song, ironically has been my number one, hit song, gleaning about ten times more plays than any other of the eleven songs I have released. The point is to take one step! Get into the studio, record and release your first song! There should be no fear of failure, and who knows? It could be your best song of the year! Once you take one step, the door is open for you to take step TWO. Record another song, and another and another. Soon, you find yourself having a whole album full of songs! I have now released eleven songs, performed on the radio multiple times, performed at LA Fashion Week, and I even got scouted by Atlantic Records! It all started from one small step.
If you love music, or have another creative passion, all you have to do is find out what it is, and take ONE, small step towards your goal. Success takes a lot of hard work and creativity, but when you are doing what you love it is quite fun and worth it. Enjoy the journey. Please, take one small step towards what you love.
What 1 small step are you considering now?  I’d love to hear from you.
Article by Nicko Ostby

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