5 Tips to Maintain Perseverance

Article by Valerie Carricato

In all  industries whether it be entertainment, business, government, or sports there is one common characteristic that separates the highly successful people from the rest: perseverance. Oprah Winfrey became the first African-American TV personality in Tennessee after being raised in poverty in Mississippi. Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in Austria, in 1947 while the country was devastated from WWII. After all the Hollywood blockbuster movies, he became the 38th Governor of California. They were all determined to succeed and achieve their goals. How did they do it? Here’s our:

5 Tips to Maintain Perseverance

    1. Clarity
      State a clear goal backed with authentic intention. Write down a list of your end goal and your authentic values. Ask yourself what are your values in life? When you begin a journey to achieve a new goal, the entire foundation should be built upon your core beliefs. If you fail to build upon your core beliefs, you may achieve the goal, but it may not be all that you expected. It won’t be as fulfilling if it’s not backed by authentic intention. Imagine what your life will be like once you achieve the goal. Get very specific about how you will feel, how much money will you make, where will you live, how will it impact the quality of life? Make sure the goal is measurable, relevant and time bound. Find a mentor, and keep taking little steps daily to move forward.
    2. Faith
      Hold an attitude of optimism and keep strong faith. Positive self-talk does wonders. Keep telling yourself that everything is going to work out the way it is supposed to, that you can do anything that you put your efforts into. Lose your insecurities and anxieties about what may go wrong; instead exchange that with something positive. Have faith in yourself, and your situation. If you are religious then pray, meditate, and reflect on each situation, give thanks for what is. Remain consistent to your values and goals. Remember it is an endurance journey, not a sprint.
    3. Adapt
      Change is inevitable, the world is always rotating, industries are failing, and new empires are emerging. In the music industry, 30 years ago it would have been conceivable to make a living writing, recording, and finding a label. If that was your goal, you must realize that in today’s industry with the internet, and the “DIY” culture you may have to make drastic changes. Perhaps you can tour live more, set up your own contracts, or create a Youtube Channel. Change is a good thing. Utilize the new emerging tools to your advantage. The more adaptive you can become the easier it will be.
    4. Mindset
      We will fail. Life is going to hurt sometimes, and you must go through, not around the pain. This is the toughest part of perseverance; it will challenge you and test your faith. At some point you are going to suffer setbacks. The good news is you can use your story to inspire others when you do attain your goal. Be strong willed and go back to the written list. Maybe that relationship or gig isn’t in alignment with your core values so it will remove itself from your path. You now have the chance to find the correct opportunities and people. It’s always better to fail at what you love. In the end you will have more satisfaction and you will be a stronger individual for enduring your setbacks.
    5. Believe
      “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” ―Maya Angelou
      Find inner strength and will power to continue forward momentum. There will be many people along your journey meant to derail you, and obstacles that try and destroy you. Remember this: You have all of the power to turn on the light and keep it glowing. Looking for validation from outside sources causes insecurities, anxiety, and reduces our humility. Remain humble but know your value. Be respectful and kind to others even when they do not reciprocate it, but also respect yourself. There is nothing that can break someone of their inner strength and will power.
How will you use these tools and ideas to achieve your goals? I’d love to hear from you.
Article by Valerie Carricato
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