5 Career Pathways for Singers

Article by: Roxie Francis
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Your voice is a wonderful gift that you’ve been blessed with. We can speak, teach, lead, and sing. But how can we use it to serve our community? Today, here are our 5 Simple Ideas and Career Pathways for Singers.

1. Songwriting & Licensing

What if you could write and license 1 song a month for a TV show, ad, video game, or even an established artist? What if you don’t want to tour or worry about building a fanbase, and you’d rather just make music and money?

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2. Online Shop

What if you sold $100 of merch to 1000 people every year? E-commerce is where it’s at if you want to sell your music, hoodies, jewelry, tix to your show, autographed posters, and more off your own website and keep all your profits.

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Hold down residencies at sumptuous hotels, weddings, and private parties by piecing together a 4-hour set of crowd-pleasing tunes. This is really about your ability to approach venue after venue, confidently offer your services, and politely follow up with them. You can also create a profile on paid gigging sites like Gigmor.com that puts performers and venues in touch with each other. 

4. Session Singing

This one is all about networking with local recording studios or online. Just like getting a live gig, you’ve got to be willing to reach out to studios, producers, and artists that need your services. For online, check out SoundBetter.com and Airgigs.com to get started.

5. Spotify Streaming

This is great for exposure, but check out these stats: 1 stream = 4/10ths of a cent OR 12,500 streams a day = $50 a day. 1 million streams a year is equivalent to $4K a year! WOWZA, you really can’t make a living off that alone…right? 

BONUS: Fan Funding

There are a few ways to get fans to subscribe to consistently pay you a monthly fee through fan-funded platforms like Patreon or Kickstarter. This is for singers who’ve already built up a culture around their music and message on social–and are ready to kick it up a notch.


How will you use these ideas to grow your singing career? I’d love to hear from you!

Article by: Roxie Francis

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