How Do We Fight The Good Fight?

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Article by: Elysia Marie | Author, Music Creator

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What do you do when you hit rock bottom in your life? When you have to start over. How do you stay grounded and embrace the chaos?  You can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, persistence, resilience, courage and perseverance to face your fears and grow.  Here’s our:

5 Reminders To Persevere Through Adversity

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1. Keep a positive “Can Do” attitude

Remind Yourself: “I am limitless”
No matter what you are facing, you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. If you don’t know “how” to do or deal with something that comes your way; know that you can set your mind up to learn “how”, and then get it done.

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2. Your Inner Voice

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Remind Yourself: “Moment by moment, day by day.”
Find your inner peace and balance. What grounds you? Take hold of that and be fully present. Take deep breaths. Stop what you are doing and be still, but alive in the moment. This is real life.

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3. Practice Commitment and Prayer

Remind Yourself: “I am Strong. I am Triumphant. I will have a story to tell that will help others overcome in the future.”

Commitment is not easy. It takes unconditional love, humility, forgiveness, understanding, patience and continual transformation and growth.
Practice these concepts towards your goal. You may have to re-align and try again. But if you stay committed to yourself, the process and getting through it, even when it gets extremely tough, it will turn into something so beautiful.

Prayer: Be committed to prayer and meditation, even if it a 2 second “I am thankful for breath” prayer. This can completely transform your thoughts, your mind and your heart to give you the strength and perspective you need to continue. It can also give you wisdom, clarity and strategy.

Another good practice in this is to speak verbal affirmations over yourself and the hardship or trial you are facing. “This is NOT the end!” “I am an overcomer!” “I am resilient!” “I was created for this!” “Tomorrow is a new day, a chance to start again.”
Change is inevitable, the world is always rotating, industries are failing, and new empires are emerging.

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4. Remain Confident in who you are and WHY you started

Remind yourself: “The doors that closed, the people that left were not meant for you.”
Sometimes when you are chasing a goal or dream, or you hit a challenging time in life, you might feel alone, unsupported or misunderstood. Know that you are NOT alone.

The one who created you and placed the dreams inside you, who planned your destiny and higher purpose for your life is walking with you.

Remember your “WHY” and remain confident in WHO you are. There isn’t anyone else who can carry out this assignment or vision of your life the way YOU can.

5. Destiny and Purpose

Remind yourself: “I am not defined by failure. And each time I fall, I get up and it moves me closer to success.”

Walk with intention of destiny, purpose, and a plan for your life. You walk just a little bit stronger, a little taller, a little more persistent and resilient. Nothing can stop you from reaching your destiny and living within your purpose.

How will you use these tools and ideas in your artistry? I’d love to hear from you.

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Article by: Elysia Marie

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