How To Improve Your Band Touring Experience

Article by Valerie Carricato

Eventually, we’ll grow our artist careers to a point where we need a tour manager.
The goal of a tour manager is to make sure that life on the road runs smoothly for all involved. This includes getting the band safely to hotels, managing money, promoters, venues, and ensuring they have adequate equipment. Whether you are considering hiring a tour manager for your band, or pulling double duty as band leader, Here’s our:

5 Tips To Improve Your Band Touring Experience

    1. Serve Your Band
      Remember that you are the leader and manager of a company, treat your band like you would run any corporate business. Serve them and their needs within reason. Make adjustments to personnel as needed, and always be willing to address their concerns. If a venue owner is giving any push back to your members, you should be the one to serve as a buffer and stand up for the rights of your people. 
    2. Always Have A Contract In Writing
      When dealing with venue owners or promoters, always have a rider written out with the equipment and personnel needs of the band. Include estimated times for sound check, and performance times. Include the amount owed and how it will be paid. If there are any amendments to the needs, also amend the rider. Ensure that both you and the other party sign and date the contract. 
    3. Brush Up On Accounting and Software
      A lot of your job will require you to be tech savvy with programs that help map out tours, as well as mathematics and accounting software. Know your tax laws in the state the band is based out of. Understand business law and best accounting practices.
    4. Stick To Your Word
      When something goes wrong, such as a band member falling ill, or a venue not honoring their contract in anyway, you must think outside the box to solve a problem. Get input from your band members on how they would like to see justice served, or who they would like to hire as a sub or replacement. Being a leader is difficult, if you can’t honor your word then take full responsibility, learn, and continue moving forward.
    5. Ask For Help And Do Your research
      Sometimes in this industry it can be difficult to trust others, and to ask for help when needed. There will be struggles on the road where the problem is outside of your realm. For example if the bus breaks down, you may not know how to repair it, but you can do the research and make the most cost effective decision for the band as a whole. You have all of the power to solve any issue no matter where you are in the world.
      Stay focused, have fun, and never stop learning.
How will you use these tools and ideas on your next tour? I’d love to hear from you.
Article by Valerie Carricato

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