How Planning Can Change Your Future

Article by Shammy Dee

Let me hit you with a short post about the really real. Like all of us working to make music our career, something I’ve struggled with is the whole idea of getting and staying motivated to do important things like:
• Figuring out social media
• Making cold calls
• Practicing my DJ sets
And keeping it 100, I’m still needing to get my socials on point. The struggle is too real, fam. I’ve definitely had days where I’m really motivated to take care of everything at once. And I’ve definitely had even more days where that motivation is long gone. I ask myself “What happened? I swear I was feeling it yesterday/last week/January 1st!” Here is what I know as the cold, hard truth about all this – motivation is a feeling, like any other feeling we experience. And, like every other feeling we experience, motivation comes and goes. Sometimes I feel like it goes more often than it comes. But that’s okay. In fact, it’s pretty normal. How did I get over the lack of motivation problem? Simple, I created a plan.
Here’s why this matters:
Part of being a professional is knowing how to act despite not feeling motivated.
When I solely depended on how I felt to get anything done, nothing ever got done simply because I never felt like doing it. In the moment, that’s a strong feeling to overcome. But having a plan just meant that I needed to focus on what to do in order to make progress on anything.
Creating a plan actually takes the pressure off of you feeling like you need to be productive.
What planning DOESN’T mean is making endless lists for the day. That’s just too much and too overwhelming.
Finishing one little thing, like making one IG post in 10 minutes, means progress. Once that’s finished, I find that I want to get more things done and it becomes a snowball effect.
This tends to happen when you make a little progress on anything.
Planning was the biggest thing that helped because creating a plan allows you to execute without the need to be motivated.
What is one main thing you need to do today? Go and get it done. Keep up the hustle,
Article by Shammy Dee

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