How To Grow Faster On Instagram, For Musicians

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Article by: Renata Vontobel | Music Creator

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Are you tired of not being able to increase your engagement rate on Instagram? As artists, you and I know that social media is a great outlet to grow your audience. So let’s make it the best we can. Today, here’s our:

5 Ways To Grow Faster On Instagram

1. Create Eye-Catching Content

Does your post grab your audience with a purpose behind it?: Perhaps you have a new single coming up? Maybe a show? Or are you just sharing how great your weekend was? Those are all great examples of posts that can create conversations and will keep your audience on your post, longer.

Instagram’s new algorithm is most likely to share your content to more people if you have a good engagement rate in the first hour of your post. So keeping your audience entertained with your content is key.

Try posting a video short 15-30 second video or a carousel post that allows the viewer to scroll through the photos. Be sure to craft a creative caption that adds value. Your audience will appreciate this.

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2. Use The Right Hashtags

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Hashtags are still a very important tool on Instagram.  How do I know that I am using the right ones? Your goal is to appear on the top section of their pages, where more of your audience can find your post.

But how do I do that? Star using more niched tags to increase engagement. For example instead of #newmusic, where over 15 million posts are tagged, use this one #newpopmusic, where there are less than 10k posts.

Your chances to appear on the top of the tag’s page are increased because you’re no longer competing with the oversaturated category.

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3. Be Present On The Platform

Have you ever heard the saying “If you are not seen, you are not remembered”? It applies on social media too. Your online presence is important for you not to be forgotten and keep people interested in your content.

Posting at least 2 times a week and being active on your stories are keys to faster growth. It’s tough to create content in such short time, but organizing yourself on which days of the week to post and using different strategies every day for your stories will make it easier.

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4. Expand And Engage With Your Community

Instagram is all about creating a community and interacting with each other.

The algorithm will favor the posts and accounts that naturally have a bigger engagement rate

In order for you to raise your engagement among the followers you already have, ask your friends and family to turn on the notifications for whenever you publish a new photo so they can like it, leave a comment, save it and perhaps share it on their stories, boosting the post’s chances to be seen by your other followers and making them feel more comfortable to do the same.

Make sure to respond to every single comment and direct message you receive. People want to see that you are reachable and that they are heard.
Engage with potential new followers’ pages.

For example: if you’re a big Avril Lavigne fan and your music is similar to hers, you can start by following her fans’ pages, respond to their comments on her photos and start a conversation with them. Make them know who you are, they can become your fans too.

5. Use Instagram Ads

In order to reach a larger audience, Instagram ads are a great tool. For as little as $5 your posts can reach a new audience of one or two thousand. To make sure you are not spending your money in vain, choose wisely which posts to promote.

New single releases and upcoming shows are a good start. With this tool you can also choose which type of audience you would like to reach, the demographics, and making sure to achieve your target audience.


it’s always a great idea to develop a consistent strategy when sharing your content on instagram, or any social media platform for that matter.

  • Stay ahead by researching and reading articles.
  • Create eye-catching content
  • Use the right hashtags, be present on the platform
  • Expand and engage with your community
    Try using instagram ads once in a while.

How will you use these tools and ideas to grow your social media? I’d love to hear from you.

singer songwriter music advice blog tips

Article by: Renata Vontobel

VQS ADVICE blog | Mindset tools for creators

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