5 Steps To Growing Your Artist Career

I believe we’re all born with dreams and things we’re more passionate about than anything else in the world. The hard part for most of us is knowing how to actually reach for them and go after that one thing you feel like you’re meant to do. For me personally this was a big struggle for a long time in my life so if I in any way can inspire others to change their lives as well that’s what I’m here for today.

5 Steps To Growing Your Artist Career

    1. Clarify Your Passion
      A lot of us might have many different interests and passions, some might struggle to even find one. Surroundings, upbringing and society is also there to play a part in how we feel and perceive things. No matter what your situation and background is the important thing is to really look deep inside and identify that one thing you’re so passionate about that you’re willing to walk through fires to make it come real. It will require a lot of work and dedicated hours so also make sure it’s not just a hobby but in fact your dream. Stay true to yourself and trust your initial intuition.
    2. Practice Your Art
      No matter which level you’re at or what stage of your career and life you gotta keep practicing your art. Today we’re extremely privileged to have so much technology right at our fingertips. Use that to your advantage! Sign up for online workshops, read advice articles, listen to podcasts. Learning equals growing.
    3. Believe In Yourself
      It sounds easy but I know first hand it’s something you constantly have to work on and remind yourself of. Remove the word fear and failure from your mind and replace it with positive encouraging words to tell yourself you can do this! If that means something as simple as creating a mantra and telling yourself in the mirror that you can do this every day, then do it! You might be surprised. 
    4. Write Down Your Goals
      Once you define your goals you’ll also notice how much easier they’ll become to reach. Write them down in bullet points, step wise and chronological. Visualize the outcome and write down the action plan, one by one. By having your mind set clear for what you want, your brain will unconsciously work towards your goals. The power of the mind is an astonishing thing. No matter how large or small, like quitting your job or moving to another city, sticking to your action plan will keep you focused. Review, rewrite, and revisit your goals daily. Remember to always dream BIG and don’t let anyone take that away from you.
    5. Be Patient
      What separates us from success is usually something as simple as patience. It will take time and it’s important to be prepared for that. Stay true to what you love, recite your mantra, revisit your goals, this will keep you focused. You’ll eventually accomplish way more than you ever initially set your goals for. Reaching your dreams isn’t an end goal, it’s the journey there that matters.
Congrats for making it this far. Everyday we have a choice. Life as an artist and creator is a gift that keeps on giving. Difficult roads will lead to beautiful destinations. Remember to be clear on your passion, practice your art, believe in yourself, write down your goals, and be patient. Now is the time to build, inspire, and shine your light to the world. 
Article by Sandra North

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