Smarter Self-Therapy In Quarantine

Article by Thiago Muller

Life in quarantine may be longer than we think…

As artists, there are several ways that we can help our community and small businesses, but at the same time I do believe that we should not push ourselves to the edge. We’re in a world pandemic against a disease that attacks our immune system. Among, many things, mental health is vital to our survival. Today, here’s 5 tips for artists and creators that are stuck in quarantine.
Smarter Self-Therapy In Quarantine
    1. Take Care of Yourself
      Before doing work. Take plenty of vitamin C, meditate, play video games, and connect with friends and family. Do everything it takes to make yourself relax. Then, when you have free time, do some work. 
    2. Write Your Heart Out
      A journal is a great tool to have right now, I always carry my journal with me and I’ve been writing in it more often. Its hard to digest and be creative in a situation like this, there are still a lot of feelings that we don’t fully comprehend, but try it out, one page a day. There are plenty of therapeutical benefits behind this. You can also write a good poem and even some killer lyrics.
    3. Hit The Books
      Read books to improve your writing! Im from Brazil and Portuguese is my main language. So reading books in English really help me improve my vocabulary, but also the stories inspire me quite a lot.
    4. Use Social Media, The Smart Way
      Social media is the strongest platform that we as artists have now. So take some time and try to work on it, little by little.. Post your lifestyle content, your feelings, do a live stream, and communicate and engage with your audience. You’ll be amazed at who you can reach with your content during this time. Its a great time to start a new fan base. 
    5. Create, Collaborate, and Win
      Record that song that you always wanted, and put it out there, it doesn’t need to be perfect. There is beauty in imperfection as well. One of my favorites tunes is all about the words and the melody. I hardly pay attention to the recording, and when I do, I can see a lot of mistakes. But thats not the point. This is the time for self care, for helping others, we can donate money, our time, and our talent. Blogs and websites are always looking for material and collaborators. Find a brand that you like, send them an email or DM, and ask how you can help. I’ve been working a lot with brands that send me a product and sometimes even pay just so I can create some valuable content for them. 
Focus on bringing value to you and others. It doesn’t mean that it has to be the most productive time of your life, but at least try to keep your mind busy and take care of yourself.
Article by Thiago Muller
image credit: Aaron Burden
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