Rising Above the Ashes of Uncertainty

Article by Valerie Carricato
Less than 3 weeks ago I was traveling cross country with my band playing to sold out crowds, working on album number 2, and sending out Electronic Press Kits for summer festivals. Just like that, the world has been forced to shut down due to this horrible new Virus, (Covid-19). What I would do right now to even have a part of that back, this entire Crisis has really put life into perspective especially for those in music, arts, and entrepreneurial careers. The good news is that there is a lot you can do during this time. Here are some tips to deal with the uncertainty during this time:

5 Ways To Overcome Uncertainty Today

    1. Acceptance. Realize that Uncertainty is Part of life 
      First of all accept that we can’t control everything. We may not be able to get back out on the road right now or even go into a recording studio, but this too will eventually pass. Be ok with the anxiety and fears that you have, but try not to dwell on them too much. Remember the entire world is being affected, not just you and your music. 
    2. Reflect on Past Successes
      Use this down time to reflect on your past successes, or failures. Write it all down and remember that you have faced uncertainty before and you made it through it. Musicians especially are almost always dealing with uncertainty, and you can make it through this just as well as all things of the past.
    3. Keep Moving Forward
      Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of the situation, keep moving forward. Practice your instrument, write new music, study something new. Get creative with technology, go ahead and live remote a show from your home, or release that garageband version of a cover tune. The world needs hope right now, and it’s our job as artists to keep providing that.
    4. Practice Self-Care
      Be kind to yourself during the uncertainty. It is a scary thought to not know the next time you will be paid for a gig again and able to perform, especially if you have dedicated your entire life to it. So it is ok to rest more, take care of your body, mind, and soul, allow yourself to relax a little bit. Eat well, exercise, learn something new and unrelated to your normal reality.
    5. See New Possibilities
      Try and look at this as an opportunity at a blank slate. When the world begins to recover you can innovate and redefine the music industry. Take back the power that has long been lost to corporations and social media. Utilize this time to brainstorm an entirely new way to entertain and share music. Create a new norm, perhaps there will be less concerts and more video shows from now on. One thing is for sure, fans will most definitely be excited to support and will be more appreciative of what we have been doing. We have the power now to make great changes to this Industry, so let’s not waste too much time dwelling on uncertainty.
In summary, it’s important to accept and realize that uncertainty is part of life, reflect on past successes, keep moving forward, practice self-care, and see the new possibilities. Life is a beautiful gift that we are blessed with. How will you face uncertainty now? I’d love to hear from you. 
Article by Valerie Carricato

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