Singing with Intent: Telling Powerful Stories

Article by Suzen

It’s our job as creative people…

to open the conversation, to shine the light and inspire new paths of thought.

As an artist my main goal is to tell/sing/share stories and ideas that promote healing through authentic expression on a platform that hopefully reaches the world. Wow, that is a big statement.

Today we have the internet to spread the word quickly…but how do we capitalize on communicating our thoughts and feelings on deep topics? Here is some food for thought on telling your most authentic stories.

Know Your Intent

I’m not talking just about the surface layer of knowing that a song you’ve written or are performing is about “love” or “betrayal” or “joy”. Those are huge words and it is our job to dig deeper than the first layer of general understanding.

Think about the specificity, allow yourself to daydream into the moment and naturally your mind will dive deeper into those thoughts and feelings. Which brings me to my second point…

Express From Your Core

Never play at the “idea” of a feeling, it takes away from the honesty of truth. Don’t worry about making it look pretty or pleasing initially. Trust yourself enough to not skip over the deeper part of a lyric.

You’ll know once you’ve hit the sweet spot because it won’t feel like you’re trying to ​perform or show or prove something…​instead there will be a confident feeling of expressing a truth. Which leads me to the last mini point…

Don’t Edit the Truth

It is our job as artists to honestly express what is going within us and in the world. Be empowered by this purpose and let it inspire deeper storytelling. You never know who might need the story you are telling. You’re never alone in how you feel but as the artist you may be the first one to speak up about it.

It’s our job to open the conversation, to shine the light and inspire new paths of thought. To leave an impact you must wholeheartedly embrace the truth. We feel it, so we can heal it and move forward.

Article by Suzen

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