Embracing Chaos and Silence

Article by Suzen

You’re not supposed to feel the world like everyone else.

You probably feel deeply, intensely and dynamically throughout the day or week. I titled this article “Chaos & Silence” because I feel like there are certain highs and lows we experience as creators. I wanted to share my personal tips with those who might be in need of some grounding rituals during this time and in general.

From Chaos to Silence

Allow Yourself To Feel

Give yourself the space to truly check in yourself. Step away from any judgement and take a look into the source of what might be making you anxious or overwhelmed. As artists we don’t normally think in perfect parallel lines, so giving ourselves a chance to untangle all the thoughts is highly beneficial.


I know, what an overused word that gets tossed around but I promise if you can commit yourself to at least 10mins a day, your whole inner world will elevate. In the beginning you will hear A LOT of noise, have racing thoughts of what you could be doing but those will slow down and that is the whole point of the practice. Allow yourself peace so you can control your time better. I can guarantee (*and I know, that is a BIG word) that you will start to use your time consciously and your energy levels will balance out. There’s a clarity with meditation, allow yourself to own that!

Vision Boards

A great way to sneak in some self care in a creative manner is a vision board. Focus your thoughts on what you want to attract in your life. Make a morning, afternoon or fun night out of creating it! All you need are magazines, scissors, glue and a poster board of some sort or canvas. I always suggest an awesome playlist, yummy snacks and something delicious to sip on!

Move Your Body

Keep it moving! It may sound odd to talk about stillness and movement in the same article but your body stores memories and emotions. During this time of being quarantined we will process a lot of emotions for many reasons but one of them is that when you are forced to stay “still”/home your mind will start to process certain traumas that are still clinging somewhere in the subconscious. Be kind to yourself and have lots of compassion towards your heart. A great way to work out these emotional knots is movement! There are so many free amazing live streams going on right now on instagram through yoga and fitness instructors!

In summary, remember to allow yourself space to feel, take time to reflect and meditate, start your vision board, and keep moving. There’s a lot of noise surrounding us, even in quarantine. How will you transform your chaos to silence? I’d love to hear from you.

Article by Suzen

cover image: Thomas Ray

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