5 Pop Music YouTube Channels to Watch

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Big thanks to YouTube for continuing to provide a wonderful platform for artists and creators all around the globe. Today’s here’s our:

5 Pop Music YouTube Channels to Watch

    1. RoomieOfficial
      The Swedish YouTuber, Joel Berghult, has almost 6 million subscribers on YouTube bighting up our days with his daily videos on the platform. Joel is a professional singer and musician that loves reacting to music related content, creating his own songs and doing covers too. My favorite aspect of his videos is his sense of humor, the comments he makes are always so entertaining but at the same time I learn a lot when he analyzes songs, like in his series “Songs That Sound ECXACLY The Same”.
      Besides the music portion of the videos their editing is really good and different, some people would say it is a little over the top, but I believe that is one of the reasons why this channel is so unique.
    2. Cimorelli
      Cimorelli is a band formed by 5 sisters that makes amazing covers and original music utilizing the most beautiful vocal harmonies. The band became famous in 2009 when they posted an acapella cover of “Party In Th USA” by Miley Cyrus on the platform, now over 10 years later they count with more than 5 million subscribers posting a new video every “Cimorelli Saturday”. Besides watching their videos, you can also listen to their music in all streaming platforms, all their original tunes and most of their covers are available there too.
    3. Kurt Hugo Schneider
      KHS is another pioneer on YouTube, his channel has been active since 2008 posting incredible covers alongside with his friend Sam Tsui (who also has a channel), both still make music together but my favorite thing about Kurt’s channel is the fact that he always invites different, many times upcoming, musicians to be part of his videos, there is where I got to know so many talented new artists to follow.
      Nowadays, besides making regular cover videos, KHS took it to the next level incorporating some challenges to them like recreating a song without ever listening to it, just with the chords and lyrics, or recording a whole song in Ikea. His videos are up on the platform weekly.
    4. Now United
      Now United is a global pop music group created in 2017 by American Idol creator Simon Fuller, its 15 members are all from different countries including the US, Canada, UK, Brazil, Senegal, Mexico, India, Russia, China, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Finland, Canada and the group’s most recent addition Australia. The pop group has been uploading new music regularly, always with a fun music video to accompanied it.
      Besides new amazing music the group also posts behind the scenes footage from the band members and the cities they have toured in. It is great seeing people from all over the world coming together to make music and being able to see a little bit from each of the band members’ countries is fantastic.
    5. Sing King
      If you are bored at home Sing King is the perfect YouTube channel for you to have fun with, this is the biggest karaoke channel in the whole platform with over 7 million subscribers. The best part of Sing King is variety of songs they have, you can find anything from Disney Channel songs to Hip Hop, also the quality of the recordings is incredible and sound just like the original tunes. Sing King posts more than one video daily and most likely has all your favorite pop songs.
    6. Bonus: Anderson Vieira
      If anyone reading this article speaks Portuguese like me and loves pop music culture, I highly recommend Anderson’s channel. This is the place where you can learn all about your favorite artists’ music careers, where he talks about new releases, tours, why someone’s certain career ended or was put on hold, among other topics.
      His videos are very detailed, and you can see he has studied a lot about what he is talking, he also has great knowledge on the music industry including labels and marketing strategies. Britney Spears, Ne-Yo and Lizzo are some examples of artists he has covered on his channel.
YouTube makes it so easy to learn and get inspired. Thanks to these wonderful creators that work so hard and make the world a fun place for music lovers: RoomieOfficialCimorelli,  Kurt Hugo SchneiderNow United, Sing King, and Anderson Vieira
Article by REV

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