How to Cultivate Deeper Inspiration

by Cecilia Wen
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“Only an open mind can have room for growth and nothing is more inspiring than growth” – Cecilia

When we hear the word “inspiration”, we tend to associate that with artists and creatives. But the truth of the matter is, inspiration is a simple but limitless thing that lies in the beauty of the most ordinary things — an unexplainable feeling that everyone should and can experience.

Feeling inspired and staying inspired can bring magic into your day-to-day life, especially during this seemingly strange and stagnant time. Here are some personal tips to have that inspired vibe constantly be a part of your life

Create a New Experience for Yourself

Experiencing something new together is one of the top advice for couple to have stronger bonds. Guess what other relationship is just as important if not more—That is right, your relationship with yourself. It is important to consciously create new experience in your routine.

The word “new” sounds daunting and difficult to achieve as we think of “new” as learning a new skill or moving to a new place, which are all amazing ideas to change things up. But it can also be as small as taking a new routine to get home from work (In our particular case, probably from the grocery stores).

Whatever it is that feels right to you at this point in life, go for it! You never know what you are going to come across or what feelings you are going to go through during this new experience. And those uncertain, foreign and out-of-the-comfort-zone moments as you go through the motion are exactly what will inspire you.

Find YOUR Person/People to Look Up to

Not everyone’s “favorite” role model or community leader is going to speak to you, be relatable to you and have an impact on you like he or she does on everyone else. Very much like dating, it is important to find your “person”.

Think about what aligns with your highest self, cleanse your social media and do more research on who/what you would like to see more of. This does not need to be what is trendy or well-received, it just has to serve a positive purpose for you and inspire you.

Diversify your Perspectives

Whether we like to admit or not, we all live in our own bubbles as our points of view are shaped by our upbringings, surroundings and experience. Therefore, we tend to have relationships, and I am talking about not just romantic ones, with people who are more or less similar to us.

Try to look into people who are different from you—different cultural backgrounds, different careers, different political opinions, etc. It is not about reaching agreement or becoming besties, but rather seeing things in a different light and mentally challenge yourself.

Fresh perspectives can sparkle unexpected inspiration—It can make you believe in or identify with something even stronger or give you a light-bulb moment.

Keep an Open Mind

Photo By: Jaime Brown

The most straight-forward and necessary tip there is to stay inspired. Try to catch yourself whenever you want to take mental shortcuts to make assumptions and always embrace a lesson.

Easier said than done but just keep in mind: Only an open mind can have room for growth and nothing is more inspiring than growth.

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