Love a Black Person like you Love Yourself

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Article by: Nicko Ostby | Author, Music Creator

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I love black people. I live with black people. I have black people over to hang out every week at my residence. I even have black family members. For me, it is not hard to love a black person. I have loved, and always will love my black friends and family, just like I love everyone else.

So, how do you “love a black person like you love yourself?” Easy. Treat them well, treat them the way you want to be treated yourself! Some of my white friends are so scared to offend a black person that they never tease them or make a joke.

But many black people, like anyone, have a great sense of humor and love jokes! Don’t be up tight with them, treat them how you would treat anyone else, laugh with them, joke with them, be a real person and a real friend! It’s not that hard!

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I cannot stress this enough. Be friends with black people. Love them, get to know them. I don’t want to hear what you have to say, if you have no black friends. How can you know what a black person is like if you don’t have any black friends? Through watching the news? No! My white friends have actually been offending my black friends lately by regurgitating what they heard on the news! They say offensive things that they heard on the news, trying to support my black friends, but it actually offends them!

This is because black people are real people, strong, smart, wise, kind, loving etc and not like the media often portrays them to be, either the victim or the perpetrator.

My white friend was making a sign and getting ready to protest and my black friend actually made fun of her because her message was so offensive to him! She was just spouting out what she heard on the news!

If you want to defend and love black people, then be their friend and don’t judge them from afar by what you hear on the news! Be their friend. Hear what they have to say. Find out that they are just a person like you. Love them. It’s simple.

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In the recent riots, my black friend called me, asking me if I could let him in the back door, because rioters were blocking the front door where we both live in Downtown LA. I was out of town and unable to help.

Later, when I got back in town, my black friend stopped by to catch up. He told me how rioters broke both of his car windows and how he was so upset about this he could hardly stand it. Please. Be careful not to hurt the very people you are trying to help. More hate will never solve the problem of hate. Only love can do that.

Love is a simple solution that many people overlook. Only love and genuine friendships can overcome hate. If you want to support and love black people, don’t just post on Instagram about them, hang out with them and get to know what they love and care about!

They are people just like you, smart, gifted, intelligent, rich, wise, etc. Make friendships. Spread love, not hate. Combatting hate with more hate will only increases the hatred. Hate must be combatted with love. It’s so simple. Simply, “love a black person like you love yourself!”

singer songwriter music advice

Article by: Nicko Ostby

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