How To Build A Successful Career As A Creator


It takes a lot of guts to being a full time creator today.

There is no guaranteed paycheck or success. There is no one telling you to get to work. There is no 401k waiting for you when you retire. However, none of these things are guaranteed if you work for someone else either. You are going to have to work hard either way. You might as well choose something that brings you personal fulfillment. A great entrepreneur once said that the most intelligent people in the world choose the highest paying professions in the market. As a consequence, the market has been saturated with these professions. More people need to be creating and making stuff. Basically, we are afraid to be creators, producers and inventors because there is no guaranteed stability. We think that working a desk job for nine hours a day is the standard.
  1. Go back to your childhood inclinations. 
    Find out who are and what you’re passionate about
  2. Get a mentor
    Study all you can and become an expert in everything that fascinates you
  3. Get Focused
    Pick the one thing that you are obsessed with the most and rearrange your life around it 
  4. Create solutions
    Identify a need in your community that you could serve well with your skills.
  5. Never give up
    Make your contribution to humanity
Article by Steve Ettling

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