How To Keep Your Band Productive & Fun

1. Know Your Part
It all starts with learning your part, whether it’s sheet music or by ear. And just like any team, you have to trust your band mates will do their parts.
2. Be aware of your band mates’ parts
Knowing your band mate parts, in a general sense, helps you blend your part better without stepping on theirs – NOT so you can preach their mistakes. If they need help or correction on their part, go to them one on one and help them make it right, don’t ever make someone feel belittled.
3. Listen for Balance
Long before the sound man steps in, the band should be a balanced wall of sound, not bunch of competing soloists. *HINT: When sound-checking from a starting flat line volume, try bring instruments DOWN for initial balance before instantly cranking everyone to “11”…
4. Respect the Arrangement
If invited to embellish or improvise on a song, great – but come in with the intent of doing the original arrangement. A solid foundation makes for even shinier spotlights!
5. Always Interact with Band Mates with Respect – not Pretense!
Regardless of virtuosity, egos will ALWAYS kill a song/band. Encourage everyone to approach songs and band unity with the same professional awareness – it’s always a better way to create a low-stress working environment, sound great, and keep it fun!
Article by Bonsko McCulloch

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