Top 5 Tips for Helping Musicians

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Article by: Carley Varley | Author, Music Creator

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There are many ways to help musicians in the industry. Honestly, they are often little things.

Especially now whilst everything seems so negative, if you are asking yourself how can I help musicians and help bring something positive, then read on with our: Top 5 Ways to Help a Musician.

5. Sign Up to a Musician’s Mailing List

Singer-Songwriter: Carley Varley

Now, this may sound very simple and it is! Most musicians are on social media but in the event that they don’t post as much or you aren’t online much, signing up to a mailing list can be very helpful.

I have a mailing list and I send out one email a month updating on my music and gigs. Most people love getting one email a month and it gives your audience updates and you don’t have to worry about missing anything on social media! I’d recommend sending one email a month as otherwise it can get spammy. 

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4. Follow Musicians on Social Media

Again sounds so simple but it makes ALL the difference! These days having a following is incredibly important to businesses and live music venues! If you have lots of followers, likes and shares it makes people see that you are popular and GOOD too

I am on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and Youtube, it really does expand your reach and also helps people SEE you. I love sharing my music and my versions of other peoples songs! When people follow me it helps them see my content and it entertains them on their feed if you have the style of music they like.

It really does help. So please help and follow musicians. Even if they post a lot, it is worth it to keep up to date with them and support them.

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3. Share Musicians’ Posts

For musicians, the more people see and hear you: THE BETTER. When you share a musician’s post it helps so much! Liking the post is great but sharing it is even better. Your friends on your social media see what you share and there is potential for new fans. So if you like a cover or an original song… SHARE IT! 

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2. Go to GIGS When You Can

This is incredibly important for musicians. Going to their gig means the world! Watching their performance, recording a video and encouraging them, it makes all the difference when you go to a local gig and cheer on your local musicians.

You never know where musicians will end up and it may be because of your encouragement and support that they chase their dreams and keep making the music you love!

1. Buy Musicians’ Music

On iTunes and Amazon Music or any other music platform! 

Listening to music on Spotify is awesome (don’t get me wrong) BUT sadly musicians that release their music don’t get a huge amount from this platform. Streaming services don’t allow a lot of income for musicians, even the biggest names. Buying a single on the other hand at 0.99p or 0.79p makes all the difference.

It shows your support in terms of purchasing music and if you love the song enough then it is so worth it! I know people buying my single made a huge difference to me. As much as I love my songs being streamed, songs being purchased is a lot more helpful. A whole EP can be £4-5 and it makes all the difference to the artist! 


Congrats for getting this far. I hope this tips help you. Feel free to share them so that people know how to support you as a musician. These are tough times for music and live music venues, a little support goes a long way.

singer-songwriter acoustic indie folk Carley varley 2

Article by: Carley Varley

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