5 Ways to Cope with Artistic Struggle

Article by MiruDaru

What if we took the word “pandemic” out of our lives right now, would there still be an artistic struggle? Learn how to make a big impact with small changes in your mindset. Today, here’s:

5 Ways to Win the Artistic Struggle 

1. Change your Perspective.

There are powerful learning moments in every situation. How can we turn our defeats into real growth for the future? Finding and leveraging the good things when bad things happen, can change everything. If you are an artist, it also helps your art form not to be totally gloomy.

“A bad experience can stay a bad experience forever unless you look at it from a different point of view”

2. Build a Community.

Surround yourself with people who respect you, who share your interests, who have a different cultural background, who you relate to. This is very important especially if you are an artist or a creator. The sense of community will make you feel you are not alone, that there’s somebody who gets you or a side of you. Sometimes all we need is conversation, even if we don’t talk about what we feel. Be there for your friends, your community, and do it from your heart. You will be rewarded the same way. Your community is a great source of positivity and an endless source of support for your art form.

3. Be Empathetic.

Just because you haven’t experienced something it doesn’t mean is not real or less important. It’s nurturing to listen and to internalize other people’s stories. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment and try to feel and understand their point of view. This will help you see your own world and problems in a different way. It can inspire you to stand up on your feet and keep trying. Many established artists tell stories that are not theirs, and it comes from a place of empathy. They express what others are going through to encourage change and support. Your art form will be wholesome and more appealing to others when it becomes relatable.

4. Be Grateful: Be grateful, be grateful, be grateful.

It’s easy to take for granted what is ours already: our gains and achievements. We have to count our blessings in our darkest and lowest points because it’s easy to give in. Always think and be grateful for what you have: material, animal, or human. We live in a world that tells us to want more, and it’s good to be ambitious sometimes, but when you are on “pause”, be grateful. You have to be grateful not just with others, but with yourself. It’ll give you a “peace of mind.” Look back to the beginning of your journey and see where you are now. You’ll be amazed at how much you have achieved, and you’ll be grateful for all those experiences. Gratitude opens many doors for new opportunities in life and artistry. 

5. Take care of yourself physically and mentally.

Without our body we cannot create, we cannot do anything. It’s our temple and instrument (especially if you are a singer). It’s very important to work out and eat healthy. Although, do allow yourself a “cheat day” as a reward. It’s vital to stay active and moving. We have to do it for ourselves, and not because of others. Always. A healthy/active body will allow you to do more. You’ll be more productive, energetic and your mental health will improve. Have you tried yoga, cardio dancing, weight lifting, jogging or just taking a walk? Activities that get you moving is the way to go. One hour a day makes a huge physical and mental difference over time. Stop your engine and give a real thought about your issues, and question yourself: “Is it really worth to stress myself so much about this?” You’ll be surprised at the answers you may find. It’s not easy; we’ve been there many times, but it’s an exercise that will help you a big deal, artistically. Artists are rejected many times from auditions, applications for festivals and events. We receive criticism for our art form, unfair payments if paid at all, and the struggles keep adding. However, when one door closes many others open, and in the end the only thing we cannot change or get help with is death, so we gotta keep looking forward. Believe in your art because if you don’t, how do you expect others to. Miracles do exist (I’m a first hand witness) and if you do good, good things will come to you.

Article by MiruDaru
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