How to Get ORGANIZED Working from Home

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Article by: Renata Vontobel | Music Creator, Vlogger

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5 Powerful Tips that helped me while working From home.

2020 was a hectic year in which many of us had to re-adapt our workstations and keep them at home. I was lost and unproductive before getting my home space organized with my work tools.

Here are 5 simple ideas to keep you focused and productive.

1. Have a Planner


Last year, I didn’t use a planner so I had many issues like, forgetting important rehearsals. But this year, I decided to use one, so I was able to keep up with my dates.
With the pandemic, my planner became more than just a “reminder notebook,”… it was where I would write down every detail of what I had to do on specific days.

Organizing my activities on a planner made me more likely to accomplish them from home and I would always make sure to highlight them in different colors by the type of activity, eg: personal, work, meetings, email, etc
This helped me visualize what was more important to get done first.

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2. Don’t work and sleep in the same space

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Research suggests you shouldn’t work and sleep in the same space.
Well… with the quarantine, some of us have been forced to work from home.

But how can we separate both spaces and why should we do it?

Our brain associates our bedroom with a calm resting space where you can relax and sleep.

When you work in the same room your brain association with those factors is not as strong, and the stress from work doesn’t go away as easy anymore. Unfortunately your sleep and workflow get disturbed.

A good way to create a new space in your home, even if it is small, is to build little spaces utilizing a big rug for each space, rugs give a sense of separation and become the perimeter between each living space, you can also buy room dividers if your budget allows.

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3. Schedule your meals.

Being at home all we want to do is eat all day and when we do our day becomes unproductive.

I created a meal schedule for myself to help avoid longer than necessary break times and long periods without eating. It is always good to be well fed and keep a schedule, this way your body has greater productivity peaks between mealtimes.

4. Put your phone away (if possible)

When working, it’s always good to keep distractions away. Nowadays our biggest distraction is our phones.

When working from home we have to use technology most of the time.
So how do we to avoid using our phones? If you have a second device like a tablet or a computer… use, it. This will help separate your work tools from your personal tools and be more focused.

If being totally away from your phone is not possible, you can and should always have it at “do not disturb” mode, this way you won’t receive notifications and possible distractions.

5. Take breaks

It is always good to take a 10-minute break every other hour to empty your mind and relax.

Just like the meal schedule we should also have pre-determined break times. If possible, during that time you should leave your work area to better focus.

When you are back on track, don’t use your phone during that moment because it can distract your time, and before you know it your 10-minute break becomes 25 minutes.


  • Have a planner
  • Don’t work and sleep in the same space
  • Make a meal schedule
  • Put your phone away
  • Take breaks

Your clients will be happier and you’ll have more time to relax. How will you use these tools while working from home? I’d love to hear from you.

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