How To Be More Comfortable on Camera: Be More You

Article by Maureen Shafer Pontevedra | Author, Vlogger
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Hello Everyone! First of all I would like to thank Philip Garcia for giving me an opportunity for my article to be featured. It has been a great journey being with YouTube and I have experienced a lot which is what I want to share with you.

I have learned so much for my close to 2 years on YouTube and I will be giving you some lessons/tips on how to be more comfortable on camera.

Lights – Camera – Action

Tip #1 Explore the Content You Love

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Be open in trying out different things that you can have as content. If you love to eat out, travel or show fun activities at home, go ahead and do so! Don’t be afraid to explore until you get to the main content you love to feature in your vlogs which you are comfortable in.

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Tip #2 Practice Speaking Before Recording

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This is very important because speaking in front of the camera is the only way you can get your message across.

Jot down notes, list your ideas in bullet points and practice speaking. You can even try it in front of the mirror if you like! In that way, you are more comfortable when you are about to record your vlog, no matter how long your shoot will be.

Tip #3 Dress and Yes – to Impress!

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Dressing up is one way of impressing, yes I am saying dress to impress. This means that you wear something that suits your vlogs or livestreams. Whether a polo, a dress or a blouse, that would make your viewers want to watch you and pretty soon, they will be hooked!

Tip #4 Wear That Glowing Smile

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Of course, aside from how you speak, you have to make sure you wear that glowing smile! Show them that you are interested in what you are talking about so that people will be more engaged with the topic.

Wearing a smile will not only make you feel comfortable but also the viewers who will be watching. Who wouldn’t want to feel more handsome or beautiful right?

Tip #5 Be Patient…Be Patient…

YES, this is something that you should remember over and over. Practicing patience will help you feel more relaxed when filming. It’s ok to make mistakes because that’s part of the growth process.

No matter how low I get or sometimes my emotions get in the way, I still manage to get back up after every fall. If you are on Youtube or any other platform, being patient is one of the keys to long term success.

Joy, Patience, Perseverance and Self-control . . .


The heavens declare the glory of God; Ps. 19:1.

With that I end this article, I hope you learned and re-learned a lot from what I have written. I just want to also thank our God Almighty for all the blessings. Without Him, I always say that I wouldn’t have gone this far on Youtube without His help. To God be the Glory!

Article by Maureen Shafer Pontevedra | Author, Vlogger


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