How to Start a Successful Music Channel

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Article by: Valerie Agustin | Author, Vlogger

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We all love to watch video content online. Beautiful sounds, cool visuals and fun personalities makes our audience want more! Welcome to the world where your music show is readily available on everyone’s devices. It’s time to level up.

Today, here’s 5 Tips to Starting a Successful YouTube Music Channel:

1. Choose the Right Equipment

You need to start with the equipment.

Since it’s a music channel, your number one asset would be a microphone and an audio interface. If you want to create high quality audio, you might as well invest in a good one. Check out a some of the most popular + affordable audio interfaces and microphones below:

You’ll also need a good quality camera and decent lighting.
If you don’t want to spend a lot on a camera, using your smartphone is a fantastic option.

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2. How to Get More Views

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Start with popular content.

If you sing cover songs, you should start covering songs that are most searched for, or trending. This is the best way to introduce your channel to your audience so that they will be able to find you. You will get more views, and views will get you subscribers!

3. Convey the Energy & Emotions

Convey the energy and emotion of the song that you’re recording.

Make sure to practice before you start and understand the lyrics and sing them like you’re telling a story. Singing with your heart will not only help you connect to the song but it can also draw audience engagement into your performance.

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4. Post Consistently for Better Engagement

Make sure to follow the schedule that you create.

You should post consistently. It is important to create a schedule or a timetable for your YouTube channel to post regularly. I would recommend at least once a week. Let your subscribers know when you are going to post so that they will be able to look forward to your new videos.

5. Grow Like Crazy!

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Connect with new friends and build your community!

Create an Instagram or Facebook group chat with similar artists, whether a fellow musician, other singers, producers, etc. Making new friends creates engagement. Soon you’ll be reaching your milestone to 100K subscribers.

By surrounding yourself with creators with similar goals, you’re going to progress and grow like crazy!


  • Choose the right equipment.
  • Get views
  • Put emotion in your performances
  • Post consistently
  • Grow like crazy!
Valerie youtube creator influencer pinoy power

Article by: Valerie Agustin

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