5 Tips for Extraordinary Motivation

Article by: Vika  | Author, Music Creator

Article by: Simply VIKA | Author, Music Creator

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Sometimes we have unfathomable motivation, and other times it’s harder to call for motivation when you need it.

Here are my top 5 tips to keep your motivation alive when you need it most!

1. Exploit All Emotions

Any emotion, positive or negative, can be used to your benefit!

One of the best tools that is always at your disposal, are your emotions. Write out this emotion and let it out on a piece of paper instead of keeping it inside.

Even the negative emotions you could feel can be exploited into creating a work of art. Creating based on emotion also makes your content relatable to others and makes them more likely enjoy it.

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2. Adapt the Right Mindset

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When we tell ourselves something over and over, we start believing it and eventually bring it to fruition. It requires you to actually take it seriously and do some convincing.

  • Tell yourself that you are motivated
  • And that you can do anything
  • Repeat until you believe it!

3. Just DO It

Just start with something small and motivation will strike. 

If you just sit down and start to work on something, even if you don’t feel motivated, sometimes inspiration and motivation will hit you out of nowhere!

You know how sometimes you think you are not hungry, but then you take a bite and now you want to eat a whole meal? This is just like that.

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4. Get Re-Inspired

Photo By: Greg Rakozy

Remind yourself why you started on this journey in the first place and why you’re doing what you’re doing! What sparked your motivation to start initially?

  • ♥️ A beautifully written song?
  • ♥️ A video that you saw on YouTube?
  • ♥️ An inspirational book?

Get yourself back on track by indulging in these things again to re-inspire yourself to keep moving forward!

5. Get a Fresh Perspective

Don’t pressure yourself into working, take a break and come back fresh and new!

Photo By: Jeremy Bishop

A new, fresh perspective is always a great motivator. Take a short break from your work and…

  • Go for a walk
  • Do something for yourself
  • Or enjoy a day off.

It is better to spend a day relaxing and come back with a better mood and fresh perspective the next day. 


  1. Exploit All Emotions
  2. Adapt the Right Mindset
  3. Just DO It
  4. Get Re-Inspired
  5. Get a Fresh Perspective

How will you use these tools in your journey? We’d love to know!

Article by: Vika

Article by: Simply VIKA

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