5 Lessons from a Social Media Cleanse

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Article by: Vealy | Author, Music Creator

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Learn why it’s important to take time off of social media.

Social media is a big part of our world. It’s a constant in most everyone’s lives. What if we paused for a minute or two? How about 10 days? Imagine the freedom of not being triggered by what’s on your screen. Here’s 5 positive changes that happen when you take time off from social media…

1. You’re More Productive

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Check your screen time on your phone, I dare you!

You may think a few minutes here or there on Instagram or Facebook is harmless, but the minutes become hours. Is that how you’d like to spend those hours of your day?

Take the time you’d spend on social media and put that time towards taking steps and empowering yourself to reach your goals.

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2. Tangible Connections are Made

Calling someone on the phone will mean more to them than a quick text. Build stronger relationships with people by going that extra mile.

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When was the last time you called your best friend? A month ago? Longer? I always made excuses that social media was the most convenient and quick way to connect with people. While there’s some truth to that, it’s mostly an excuse.

3. Find Clarity in Your Journey

When you’re away from social media, you begin to notice that you have no need to post the latte you bought this morning on your feed. What would it say about you, as a brand, if you posted that coffee?

When you (eventually) get back to social media, ask yourself these questions before you post:

  • How are you serving your audience with this post?
  • What’s your real message behind the photo, video, etc.?
  • How are you a making real change in your audience’s lives?

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4. Self-Reflection and Positive Answers

Are you really expressing your art on your social media channels? Or just living for the approval of others? When you take time away from social media, your self-confidence will grow significantly as an artist. How? You will no longer be living for other people, and that is a gift.

5. Gain New Inspiration

Without social media, everything you do is intentional.

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It’s beneficial to slow down and think. Without the instant gratification of social media, we’re forced to make something that means something to us, something worth it: REAL ART.

Now I challenge you to go on the 10 Day Social Media Fast, you’ll be glad you did.

The Benefits of Taking a Break from Social Media:

1. You’re More Productive
2. Tangible Connections are Made
3. You Find Clarity in Your Journey
4. Self-Reflection and Positive Answers
5. You Gain New Inspiration

Advice Blog for indie musicians Vealy singer songwriter

Article by: Vealy

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