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Article by: Skylar Reign | Author, Music Creator

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Learn how to change the world with your music.

Artists bring entertainment to the world through their music and they are also capable of impacting their audience in unbelievable ways. Now more than ever, it is up to musicians to illuminate the world with joy and hope by providing an escape through our music. Artists are uniquely gifted in being able to touch the world with their art and by taking advantage of this gift we can really make an impact. Here’s how…

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1. Embrace Your Influence

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Musical artists have unbelievable reach through the airwaves to connect to people around the world. By embracing the gift of your influence, you can inspire others. Stay encouraged and motivated in creating art knowing that you have the power to use your influence for positive change.

You were destined to possess the talents and gifts that you have, you were always meant to be creating music. By using your power of connecting people through your music to your advantage, you can help to fulfill your purpose.

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2. Be Authentic in Your Music

People are drawn to authenticity.

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Put all of your emotions and experiences in your work and don’t water them down. Keeping your story transparent through your lyrics, is essential in creating a true and deep connection to your audience.

Your art is valuable and your perspective is needed. Focus on your originality and think about how your lyrics can be used to help others through different life changes or situations. This sparks passion and motivation in whoever listens.

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3. Be The Artist YOU Needed

Create art that you wish existed when you needed it most.

Think about a time you heard a song and it changed your mindset, or helped get you through something. Now imagine that that song or artist never existed. Or maybe you didn’t have that one song or artist that helped you when you needed it most. Create the music that would have helped you in a past time in your life.

By making music for others it has the opportunity to…

  1. Inspire someone else who might benefit from listening to your message
  2. Help someone through something in their life
  3. Continue a chain of positivity in the music industry

4. Express in Your Lyrics

Great lyrics carry so much power, use them to inspire positivity in your audience.

Great lyrics can open doors to new dimensions. When writing new music, reflect on this truth to keep you inspired. Make sure you express yourself and your emotions within your lyrics (but don’t put too much emphasis on the negatives!).

To really impact our audience, we must consider our effect on others. Impress your audience with praiseworthy lyrics that force them to be transported to where you were and what you felt when writing them.

5. Always Focus on the Goal

Photo By: Glen Carrie

When writing your music, think hard about what your audience’s takeaway should be when listening to the song. What is your goal in writing this song?

♥️ Are you trying to motivate the listener?
♥️ To uplift their spirits in a tough time?
♥️ To express yourself and use it as a method of purging your own feelings?
♥️ To entertain the listener and make them dance along to the beat?

Your music and what you create is a reflection of you and your brand. Thinking about each track that you release helps to keep you on the right path. Focus on the final objective and dream big!


1. Embrace Your Influence
2. Be Authentic in Your Music
3. Be The Artist YOU Needed
4. Express in Your Lyrics
5. Always Focus on the Goal

Your art is capable of changing the world as we know it. Art speaks where words are unable to explain, so get out there and start creating!

How will you use these tips in your life to change the world through your music? We’d love to know!

music blog

Article by: Skylar Reign

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