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Article by: Beatriz Verneaux | Author, Music Creator

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Learn how to unleash your underlying creativity today.

Staying in tune with what’s current and fresh, is vital for making it in the music world. However, the most iconic artists in every generation are the ones who took steps in the direction that no one else seemed to be taking. Here’s our top 5 tips to generate fresh ideas…

1.  Focus On Your Emotions

Take some pressure off of your guitar and journal and explore your emotions in another way. Try one of the following techniques:

  • Free-write for 15 minutes (but DON’T stop until the time’s up)
  • Recollect a specific memory in detail and bring yourself back there in your mind
  • Write about a song that inspires you and how it makes you feel
  • Sit and chat with a close friend (or your cat, whoever listens better!) about your feelings

Whatever you choose to do to, make sure you’re connecting with your feelings on a deep level. This will help you leverage your emotions for creating new music!

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2. Create Art for the Sake of Art

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If you’re stuck in a creative rut and can’t seem to generate any new lyrics or melodies, try creating art that you haven’t created before! You can sketch with pens or pencils, try photography, or painting.

Have fun with it! Take a pointer from children, they are always creating without a care in the world. They’re always drawing, singing, telling wild stories… making art just for the sake of it!

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3. Connect With the Outside World

Everyone needs to get outside for our overall health. We need to feel the earth beneath our feet and enjoy fresh air and salty water.

Being exposed to sunlight promotes vitamin D, which gives us more energy to create new and amazing musical works. Exploring nature in a hike, swimming, or engaging physically through exercising also gives you a natural boost!

You can even take moonlit walks to get fresh air flowing in your body! Going outside and connecting with the Earth will bring inspiration for new ideas and will keep you on a positive path throughout your journey.

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4. Enjoy New Art

Experience new art that you may not have thought would appeal to you and expand your knowledge of art and artists that you really connect with.

Photo By: Derick McKinney

♥️ Go to an art show of a local photographer
♥️ Go to a show of a band whose music is very different from yours
♥️ Go to a museum and sit with a sculpture that catches your attention
♥️ Watch a documentary of an artist that you feel connected to
♥️ Open Instagram or Pinterest and seek out different art and really analyze them

Seeking out new art that you might not think you enjoy, will challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone and force you to think in new ways! This is a great tool to generating new content for your own lyrics and music from the inspiration of others.

5. Embrace the Silence

Try this challenge: sit with yourself with no music, no phone, no distractions, for about two minutes and see just how far your mind wanders.

This seems like a simple task, but see how long you last without reaching for your phone or the remote. The benefits of being in touch with our inner self can bring up insights we wouldn’t know if we’re constantly distracted.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even get a strike of inspiration as you sit!


  1. Focus On Your Emotions
  2. Create Art for the Sake of Art
  3. Connect With the Outside World
  4. Enjoy New Art
  5. Embrace the Silence

How will you use these tools and ideas in your artistry? I’d love to hear from you.

Article by: Beatriz Verneaux

Article by: Beatriz Verneaux

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