5 Tips to Stay Focused and Efficient

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Article by: Sandra North | Author, Music Creator

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The world we live in is a crazy hectic place filled with stuff to do, things to see and places to go.

The quarantine life has tested our health, creativity and patience. The recent pandemic and crisis has affected us all in many ways and there’s a lot of uncertainty in America.

How can we stay positive and accomplish what we really need to do? Here’s our 5 Tips on How to Stay Focused and Efficient.

1. Write Down Your Goals

First off, write them down. Clear your mind and sort through what it is you need to get done. Weather it’s work stuff, writing a song or making a big change in your life start making bullet points to have them clear in front of you.

Actually use a piece of paper is also my recommendation as you start visualizing them in your mind and you’ll also be able to proudly check things off of that list as you move forward.

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2. One Step at a Time

This step is where that list of bullet points come in handy. If you have things organized and planned out it’s easier to take them one step at a time. Include an approximate time duration too to facilitate when you’ll have time to do them without interruptions.

The secret to these means is to not get overwhelmed if there’s a lot on that list or if that big change in your life feels too hard. By having them organized, written down and taken one step at a time, they’re also allowing your mind some rest.

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3. Use the Little Moments

This is a common one to mention but deserves the attention once again! More than usually we all have way more time to our disposal than we first think we do. Carefully observe what you actually spend time doing during your day and you’ll find tons of little gaps you instead could find useful.

Re-evaluate what you do, when you do them and if you could do them more efficiently in another way. If you have an hour bus ride going to school or work every day use that to check your social media instead or to send your emails etc.

We carry our phones everywhere so every “dead” minute can be used and turned into something productive if needed. Write that song while you’re doing your power walk for instance.

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4. Stop Procrastinating

Getting distracted from doing what you’re supposed to is the easiest thing in the book today. With our phones constantly around us and social media being such a big part of our lives it is hard to focus. Try a simple thing as putting your phone away for a certain time each day.

Allowing yourself time off is extremely important. We can not always be available for everyone. Realizing procrastination is something you do is also very vital, then you can attack it all the better. Doing anything BUT that thing you absolutely have to is something we all probably can relate too. Try flipping it around, face the bull with no distractions and that weight on your shoulders will feel much better much sooner.

5. Let Go of the Little Things

We all have insecurities and flaws that might keep us from moving forward and letting our creativity out. Weather it’s fear of change, a stressful family life or messing up at work, we have to learn to let go of the little things. Perfectionism is also something that can hold you back cause you anticipate greatness which results in putting a lot of pressure on yourself to achieve only the best.

None of us is perfect. And that’s the truth, which is something I’ve had to teach myself as well and it isn’t easy. Learning to let go of the little things inside your mind is super important. Do not let it hinder yourself from progress and being able to finish that project or follow that dream!


So final words, release that song even if it’s not perfect, contact that label you always dreamt of or simply finish that list on your desk. There’s no one stopping you but you. Hopefully these 5 tips could inspire to find your creativity and free up your time for a more productive life!

singer songwriter visionquest sound sandra Nordh advice blog

Article by: Sandra North

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