How to Support Your Friends in Music

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Article by: Carley Varley | Author, Music Creator

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How can we improve our music community and build great culture?

When I first started out as a musician, I believed that everyone was my competition. Overtime though, I realized that even though we are in the same industry, we are all on very different journeys and we are all unique. Here’s our top 5 tips to support musicians…

#5. Engage on Social Media!

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Social media is a huge asset to musicians (especially those just starting out) and engaging on their posts is the best way to show support.

Commenting and liking posts is a very encouraging thing to do for artists and when you do it for someone they usually will reciprocate.

Positive comments make the musician feel positive and motivated and their videos being liked can lead to their posts reaching more people. Next time you see a post you like, leave a comment and say something kind.

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#4. Attend a Gig!

Every musician appreciates support from other artists.

If you have a free day, go attend a musicians gig or join their live stream, it really will make their day. I remember local musicians coming to my gigs and it meant so much to me. They cheered, clapped for me and even stayed behind to help me pack away. Sometimes it’s the littlest gestures that make the most impact!

#3. Buy Their Music!

The all-time most helpful support for an artists career is music sales. While streaming is extremely convenient and also a good show of support, buying music is the ultimate show of love for their music. You can buy…

♥️ Their EP
♥️ A whole album
♥️ Or even single songs

Who knows, maybe they’ll even return the favor!

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#2. Send an Encouraging Message!

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Let people know how much you like their music or style. Tell them you liked their cover, or original song and you can even give them advice too if they are just starting out.

I know I love getting messages telling me people liked my music, its one of the best feelings! So, send an encouraging message to a musician today!

#1. Share Their Posts and Music!

Sharing their music or posts helps the musician reach new people. It is incredibly important and can result in great opportunities for their growth. It’s also really simple and easy to do.

If you enjoy the work of a musician who’s just starting out, share their stuff like you would really famous artists. It helps their confidence tremendously and trust me the musician will absolutely love you for it!!


  1. 5. Engage on Social Media!
  2. 4. Attend a Gig!
  3. 3. Buy Their Music!
  4. 2. Send an Encouraging Message!
  5. 1. Share Their Posts and Music!

Everyone needs support in their endeavors, get out there and use these tips to encourage others! How will you spread support and encouragement to someone today? We’d love to hear from you.

singer-songwriter acoustic indie folk Carley varley

Article by: Carley Varley

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