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Article by: Symon Enriquez | Author, Virtual Business Assistant

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How can a virtual assistant change your business productivity for the better?

Going completely digital is the new trend today. It’s a privilege for us to witness the advancement of society, but at first, it may be a little hard to navigate. Every business owner wants to know the latest trends that will undoubtedly grow their business presence. If you’re a coach, marketer, entrepreneur, or any business-person, you might need to step up your game. 

  • Try considering a different approach to drive more returns.
  • Focus more on the core operations of your business to scale it up to an entirely new level.
  • And give your time-consuming activities to another person whom you trust.

You’ll need someone who can provide you with their service and expertise through the online world: a Virtual Assistant. Here are the top 5 reasons you should hire a Virtual Assistant to help your business grow!

#5. They Can Optimize Your Social Media Presence

and drive leads from it.

Since VA’s are virtual nomads, they are aware of social media platforms’ algorithms because they use them every day. They can maintain your social media presence and engage with your connections, followers, and friends to maximize your reach.

The best part about hiring a VA for social media is that they can drive leads to your doorstep. By speaking with your potential clients on social media, your VA will display your product or service to your audience, impress them, and likely lead paying customers to you.

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#4. They Are Flexible With Their Time

…and their skillsets they can offer.

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Time and Skills are two main benefits of working with a VA. Since they are your business partner virtually, they can work with flexibility. You can meet halfway that is comfortable for both of you, especially if they’re coming from different countries with different time zones.

They can even work while you’re sleeping and get ready for all your needs by the time you woke up.

A good Virtual Assistant is very willing to learn the things you need help with. It’s important to trust that they can deliver your business needs the way you want them.

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#3. They Are Cost-Friendly

With normal office employees, you, the employer, allot money for their equipment, office supplies, electricity, amenities, etc. They have benefits and salaries which you must provide, whether they work hard or not.

Meanwhile, VA’s…

  1. Work in their workspace
  2. Possess their equipment
  3. Pay their own electricity
  4. Don’t have benefits

And the only thing VA’s rely on you for is the payment they receive for the service they render to help you grow your business. It’s a plus for them if you’ll be able to give them bonuses for a job well done.

#2. They Allow You to Focus on Your Business

…and the things that matter most.

Photo By: Scott Graham

With the help of their backend support, you’ll be able to save your attention for more serious or personal work. You can now focus more on your business’s core operations and have more time to spend with your family and friends.

#1. They Are Your Number One Supporter

image by: Symon Enriquez

A VA is not only your virtual business partner but way more than that. You can let show emotion and let them know how you really feel. You can talk to them as you would a partner, friend, sibling, or anyone else whom you might think of close to your heart.


Now that you already know what’s the talk of the town. It’s now up to you to step up your business. What’s your next move? How will you use a Virtual Assistant to help grow your business? I’d love to hear from you.

Article by: Symon Enriquez

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