How Long Can You Go Without Social Media?

Article by: Geryl Lipat & Philip Garcia
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How long can you go without checking your social media if your health depended on it?

Social media can be used to your advantage and is a great tool, but it also has the opportunity to hinder our self confidence and mood. Here are some benefits of detoxifying from social media…

1. Improved Mental Health

By taking a break from social media you will steadily start to feel more lively and positive and any negative thoughts that are paired with its use will fade away.

By staying off of social media, you will protect your mental health and keep yourself planted firmly in the moment.

Because of this centered focus, you will be more productive in your daily life. When you are positive, motivated, and present from being off of social media, you will start to build a better foundation for generating your own happiness, positivity and eagerness for growth.

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2. No Urge to Compare

The wonder of social media is its ability to let us peer into the lives of people we would otherwise never cross paths with. While this is an exciting convenience, it also can lead to comparing yourself to others.

You must remember a key point: “You would otherwise never cross paths”. Focus on your own happiness and being genuine and positive.

When you take a break from your social media channels, you start to remember what is important in your own life and realize that the online competition for shares, likes and comments, doesn’t actually have any real impact on your overall life or happiness.

3. Focus on YOUR Reality

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Real face-to-face human interaction fosters both your emotional and physical health and is really important in your own reality. It helps you to:

  1. Release stress
  2. Gain strength
  3. And remain positive and centered

While reading about news and current events online is important, connecting with family, friends, meeting new people and expanding your REAL social circle is even more beneficial. So get out there and call a friend!

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4. Free Up Your Time

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Focus your time and energy being productive, making change, volunteering your time, bettering yourself or helping others. Doing these things are much more satisfactory than absorbing unnecessary information out of boredom.

5. Heightened Self-Awareness

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Focusing on yourself and your own life is not always selfish. It is important to focus on your goals and your aspirations. Quitting social media will make you realize the parts of your life that need your attention. It’ll help you grow and connect with things that really makes you happy.

Once you take some time away from social media, you will notice that you don’t have to please everyone online and aren’t competing with everyone in your daily life. Take some time for you and to focus on your needs, wants and self-care.


  1. Improved Mental Health
  2. No Urge to Compare
  3. Focus on YOUR Reality
  4. Free Up Your Time
  5. Heightened Self-Awareness

How will you use these tools to focus on your reality? I’d love to hear from you.

Article by: Geryl Lipat & Philip Garcia

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