Social Media Strategies to Rocket You Towards Success

Article by: Luke Motta | Author, Music Creator
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What? There’s a right way to use social media
Learn how your efforts can make or break your brand.

Everything seems to revolves around social media, and that’s because it’s incredibly important for brands and companies! If you want to increase your brand awareness there’s no better time to start than now.  Here’s my top 5 tips to excel your brand on social media!

1. Keep to That Schedule!

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The most effective social media accounts are ones that post daily, but if you don’t quite have enough content yet you can instead plan to post on specific days.

You can post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so your followers know when exactly to expect a new post. People love consistency, so stick with it!

There are even apps and websites that you can use to schedule posts such as Hootsuite as well to make this even easier for you to plan out whatever schedule you decide to have!

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2. Time Zones Matter

When are you more likely to be scrolling through Instagram: 2pm or 4am? If you want to primarily gain attention from local areas, then search what the best time is to post in your specific state. As you work on branching out your audience, you can then begin to experiment shifting posts to be more accessible for other time zones.

For example, I live in Massachusetts and if I wanted a larger audience of people in California, I would post on social media three hours later than I usually would to account for the time difference. You’ll get the hang of it the more you do it!

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3. Interact with your New Friends

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People love to know that there’s a real person behind a brand, so…

✔️ Respond to every comment
✔️ Like every post you can
✔️ And build a relationship with your customers or fans.

The more interaction you are able to provide, the more personal people feel about you, and that works to your advantage. Many businesses become successful based just on social media personalities alone, so spread positivity as much as you can to your user base and you’ll find it comes right back to you!

4. Pay Attention to Analytics

If you have a social media account, odds are you can get analytics for it. Simply convert your normal account to a business account and you’ll instantly get access to as much information on your social media pages as you’ll ever need, right at the tip of your fingers!

Analytics will give you information such as who viewed your posts, where the views are from, how many people that saw a specific post are following you, and much much more.

It’ll help you see real-time numbers and be able to inform you on what works best for your brand. That way you can experiment with different styles of social media posts, such as changing photography styles or using different hashtags to see which ones get the most interaction.

5. Tailor Your Posts for Each Platform

People go to Instagram to see good pictures, Twitter for quick and short information, and Facebook to see more personal and longer written posts. So whatever you’d like to post, try different variations and remember that there’s not only one formula. You can try to mix and match different types of posts to see what your audience prefers to see. And remember to always have fun with it!


Which tips were most helpful in creating a successful Social Media profile? I’d love to hear from you.

Article by: Luke Motta | Author, Music Creator
VQS Advice Blog | Cover Image by Cristian Dina

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