How to Network With A Purpose

Article by: Luke Motta & Philip Garcia
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Learn how to organically grow your audience through purposeful networking.

How effective is your networking? Growing your business and brand means building your influence and getting connected with the right people that can help you succeed. And you can help them to succeed too! Here’s our 5 tips to instantly improve your people skills!

1. How do I start a conversation?

When I first began networking, I was worried it would be impossible to find other musicians to work with until I realized I was going to music events every month, and those are filled with people passionate about music just like I am!

It was at that point I stopped worrying about “forcing” the conversation of the music business when I could just have a casual conversation with people I met around music venues. The next thing I knew, I had plenty of people saying “hey, I have similar goals and aspirations as you! Let’s work together on that!” Once you find events with like-minded people, the conversation will come naturally!

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2. Where Else Can I Find Like Minded People?

Almost everyone has a social media account, and with those platforms comes the ability to communicate.

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Search through hashtags related to your business and brand. Send those people a friendly message to see if they’re open for collaboration.

Look through that account’s followers list to connect with fun and creative people. This will help gain momentum and visibility with potential partners, local entrepreneurs and new friends.

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3. How Friends Influence Your Circle

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Your existing social circle might be larger than you think, so ask your friends and family if they know people with similar interests as yours that you can build a relationship with. Referrals are the quickest way to grow your brand. Make sure you refer others too.

Even when it feels like there’s slow growth, you never know when somebody will end up being referred to you from YOUR referral efforts.

The odds of it happening will increase the more people know about who you are and what you do for the community.

4. How to Build a Purposeful Community

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Networking isn’t just about the people that you can work with, it’s also about cultivating meaningful relationships.

Create the opportunity and you will thrive.

If you hear about a local event, invest in a booth and recruit volunteers to be part of your team. Be prepared for any questions you might be asked about your brand, and get creative! Have a fun contest with giveaways, like branded pens. The more people you serve and inspire, the greater the community grows. Now that’s empowering culture!

5. How to Be Irresistible!

Build Trust and Make an Impact!

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After you plant your networking seeds, remember to follow up with a smile, which can be a DM or a friendly email. Build your influence with organic and vibrant communication. Your audience will appreciate you more!

People often need to be inspired and reminded that their valued.

This also shows them that you are approachable and a trusted partner. By empowering people, you will create a positive rapport that will make you an irresistible creator. Now that’s value!


Now, it’s your turn to make a difference today. How will you use these tools and ideas in your journey? I’d love to hear from you.

Article by: Luke Motta & Philip Garcia

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