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Article by: Sandra North | Author, Music Creator

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Learn how to dream BIG and soar high as a creator.

We are all born with dreams and goals that we’re more passionate about than anything else in the world. The hard part can be knowing how to actually chase them. Here are my 5 steps to chase your career dreams!

1. How to Get Laser Focused

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What’s the one goal that you are willing to walk through fire to achieve?

The important thing is to really look deep inside yourself and identify that one thing you’re so passionate about. Once you have found that goal or dream, it’s time to figure out how to work towards it. It will require a lot of work and dedicated hours. Stay true to yourself and trust your initial intuition.

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2. What’s Your Strategy?

  • You must write your goals down.
  • Use bullet points or numbers chronologically.
  • Visualize the outcome.
  • Write down the action plan, step-by-step.
  • Review, rewrite and revisit your goals daily.

Once you define your goals or dreams you’ll also notice how much easier they will be to reach. By having a clear mindset of what you want, your brain will start to move you in a direction to achieve your goals.

Dream BIG and don’t let anyone take that away from you.

The power of the mind is an astonishing thing. Sticking to your action plan, no matter how large or small will keep you focused on the target.

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3. How to Stay Sharp and Relevant

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We’re extremely privileged to have so much technology available to us right at our fingertips. Use these amazing technologies to your advantage. No matter which level you’re at or what stage of your career and life you gotta keep practicing your art. Here are some fun ways to continue to expand your knowledge when you are not practicing:

4. What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

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Anytime you have a dip in believing you can do something, remind yourself of all of the amazing things you have accomplished so far! It sounds easy but I know firsthand it’s something you constantly have to work on and remind yourself of.

Replace any negative words in your head with positive encouraging words to continuously inspire yourself! You can…

♥️ Create a daily mantra for yourself
♥️ Give yourself a pep talk
♥️ Write down all of your victories (and look back on them as needed)

Would you be as hard on a friend if they were doubting themselves as you are with yourself?

Think of what you would tell a friend and express the same sentiments to yourself. You are capable of so much good and that’s a powerful thing.

5. What if I fail?

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Reaching your goals will take time and you need to factor that into your plan.

Stay true to what you love, recite your mantra, and revisit your goals, this will keep you focused. You’ll eventually accomplish way more than you ever initially set your goals for. Reaching your dreams isn’t an end goal, it’s the journey there that matters.


Congrats for making it this far! Now is the time to build, inspire, and shine your light on the world. What steps will you take towards your goals today? We’d love to hear from you!


Article by: Sandra North

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